But STILL he hasn't come back to you.

And unless you CHANGE your strategy, you are going to FAIL.

"But I haven't got a strategy", I hear you say. "I can't help myself. I just want him back. I'll do anything for that, anything!!!"

Don't worry, though, because I am going to point you in the right direction.

I'm going to dispel all the myths about getting your ex back, all the BS you have read on the internet about the "gurus" who will "guarantee" you will get your boyfriend back if you just pay thousands of dollars for their "systems".

But there ARE ways you can behave that will make it much more likely...and other ways you can behave that will almost guarantee it WON'T happen.

These behaviors are based on simple but universal psychological principles that govern all human behavior.

Following them will re-align you with your boyfriend's natural human behavior;

so that instead of DRIVING HIM FURTHER AWAY


These are the skills I will show you in The Ex Boyfriend Guide.

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You see, there are lots of "Get Your Ex Back" products on the internet.

But most of them just show you some hit-and-miss methods for getting your ex back.

They don't show you how to rebuild your relationship, so that it becomes much BETTER than before; more solid, more enduring, and MUCH, MUCH happier.

Instead you could be facing a long saga of break up and make up, because the problems that keep driving you apart are never solved.

Let me give you an insight into something CRUCIAL you'll learn in The Ex Boyfriend Guide.

There is a right time to try to get your ex back, and unless you know when this right time comes and how to prepare for it, you will FAIL.

The Ex Boyfriend Guide will explain why, contrary to what the "gurus" say

No Contact can KILL your relationship stone dead

He won't BEG you to come back to him

You will never win him back with WORDS ALONE

You can't CONVINCE him to come back to you

The power of SOCIAL VALUE, and why it is the key to getting him back

The 6 words you need to understand for ANY relationship to work

There's a lot of contradictory advice out there. There's also a lot of WRONG advice out there.

I want to make sure you get the BEST chance to get your boyfriend back, and that's why I wrote this guide.

It will give you the skills you MUST HAVE for success.

How to harness your runaway emotions and get back in control of your life

How to become the woman he feels he HAS to have

How to get the power back in your relationship

How to get HIM to make the first move

How to decide if he's REALLY what you want

How to know if he - or ANY man - is Mr Right

How to build an unbreakable relationship

How do you contact your ex again?

When should you do do?

How do you persuade him to see you again?

How do you evoke all the GOOD memories, instead of the bad ones?

You will learn the answer to all these questions, and MUCH, MUCH more beside, in The Ex Boyfriend Guide. It is full of information to help you to understand men better, and to create more loving and RESPECTFUL relationships.

No relationship can be happy without mutual respect. If your boyfriend doesn't respect you, he won't treat you in the way you WANT to be treated.

With The Ex Boyfriend Guide you won't have to lose his respect by begging, pleading or humiliating yourself. And it will work in the most difficult, and even the most bizarre and crazy situations.

Your boyfriend is refusing to talk to you

Your boyfriend says doesn't love you any more

Your boyfriend lives a long distance away

Your boyfriend is with someone else

Your boyfriend has cheated on you

And the best part is that he will think it was entirely HIS idea!

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A lot of "get your ex back" systems direct you to different pages for men and women. But if you are rash enough to buy both the men's and the women's versions, you'll find they are EXACTLY the same.

I know, because I've done it.

Personally I think it's a little dishonest, and it's certainly disappointing.

We all know men and women are DIFFERENT.

You want to be sure that what you are getting is customized to fit with your experience as a woman.

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