Thank you and welcome to The Ex Boyfriend Guide!

Congratulations on deciding to take positive action over your breakup. Having something positive to do is the first step towards a better future.

Remember that you are not just trying to get your boyfriend back. You are trying to understand exactly what went wrong in your relationship, so that you can build a more successful one next time.

Try to enjoy what you are trying to do.

I know this might sound perverse, but getting pleasure out of something will make you do it better and for longer; and right now, you do need persistence.

You can improve your life so much in the next few weeks, if you follow the steps in The Ex Boyfriend Guide properly and don’t rush (or even skip!) them.

Remember that, in the end, you are doing this for YOU; so whatever the outcome, it will be worth it.

Lots of luck!


P.S. Your journey starts here!